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Dr. Oz Reveals How to Lower America’s Soaring Healthcare Costs

One way to lower healthcare costs in America? Get healthy!

That’s the assessment from Dr. Mehmet Oz, author of Food Can Fix It and host of the syndicated talk show The Dr. Oz Show.

“It’s the most patriotic thing you can do – to realize that the true battle for health will not be won in Congress – it’s going to be won in your bedroom, in your kitchen, in your living room – the places we spend our time,” he said.

Oz suggests simply “nudging” your diet away from some meats that add calories and simple sugars. His book focuses on foods and recipes that can actually improve your health.

Aside from consumers taking more responsibility with their health, Dr. Oz acknowledges other challenges facing the industry, like high prescription drug costs.

When asked about media reports that Amazon (AMZN) is looking to get into the pharmacy business, Dr. Oz is in favor of such a move. “I think Amazon has gone into a lot of sectors that aren’t as efficient as they should be and forced efficiency,” he said.

Dr. Oz said there needs to be more transparency so consumers know exactly what their drugs cost.

“I’m a heart surgeon – I still practice medicine – when I prescribe a medication for you, I have no idea what it’s going to cost you,” he said.

Dr. Oz pointed to technology advancements in the coming months that will allow doctors to have a better sense of what drugs costs so they can keep the financial aspect in mind when treating patients.